Ease the Lockdown Blues with Ibiyaya

Hey there, how are you holding up? During the COVID-19 lockdown, your cuddly friends may also miss their furry friends in the neighborhood. Animals are curious beings. Just like you, staying indoors 24/7 may cause them anxiety and restlessness. Given this, a quick stroll outdoors may be called for once in a while.

However, pets tend to go to other pets when they see each other on the street. During a lockdown, that may not be a smart move. While there is still no evidence that pets can spread the coronavirus to people to date, it’s always better to go on the safe side.

At a special time like this, you can get a little help from pet strollers.  You no longer need to worry about getting too close to other people and pets. Here are some activities you can enjoy outside with your fur baby in a stroller granted that you are not on strict lockdown:

  • Explore the outdoors with your senior or sick The Hercules Heavy-duty stroller and Gentle Giant Pet Wagon are perfect for big dogs who no longer have the same physique or energy to run around like they used to. Every paw deserves a breath of fresh air.

Top-of-the-line heavy-duty strollers can help families with aging or injured pets continue on with their daily lives. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Hercules Heavy-duty Pet Stroller)
With products specifically designed for bigger pets, transportation is no longer too much to handle. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Gentle Giant Pet Wagon)
  • Jog with your fur-iend. The Turbo Pet Jogger has air-filled tires, making it the perfect choice for outdoor exercises over terrains of all kinds. Physical fitness is another way to fight the crisis after all.

Pet strollers can help temper you and your fur baby’s cabin fever (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Turbo Pet Jogger in Berry Black)
  • Enjoy a bike ride with your pet. The Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller allows fur parents to hook the pet pram onto their bicycle for all pets who are craving the zoomies. Share the adrenaline rush!

Gone are the days of choosing between enjoying a bike ride or jogging with your fur friend. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller in Red)
  • Take multiple pets out at once. With the Double Decker Pet Bus or the Elegant Retro I, you no longer have to choose which fur baby will get to see the great outdoors. Why let just one tag along when you can bring them all, right?

Go next-level paw parent by bringing all of your fur friends along. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Double-decker Pet Bus in Red Violet)
Heavy-duty doesn’t always mean ginormous and ugly; sometimes, it means looking perfect and adorable in a stylish stroller. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Elegant Retro I in Apple Green)
  • Take your furry friend along with you, even in public transportation. The 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller offers versatility and comfort in whichever way you choose to travel, offering five awesome ways to carry your adorable best friend. Just be sure to practice social distancing, okay?

Multi-function pet items ensure that you get convenience and a bang for your buck. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller)

Ibiyaya is all about letting you enjoy precious time with your pets during the lockdown but it also values your safety. With Ibiyaya, the lockdown can be made even just a tiny bit more enjoyable.

Secrets to Stunning Pet Photos

IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller.
IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller.

I bet I know something about you. If you take your pet everywhere you go, I’m guessing that you take a lot of photos, too. Am I right? Don’t worry, I take too many myself. My husband is very grateful for digital photography; otherwise, we might spend our kids’ college funds on film and development!

Whether you use film or digital, however, a few perfectly executed shots that capture your pet’s personality are better than dozens of blurry, dark, unbalanced photos. So I want to share some of what I’ve learned (the hard way!) about taking great pet photos.

Lighting matters. A lot.

Natural sunlight is photographer's best friend.
Natural sunlight is photographer’s best friend.

Lighting can make or break a photo. And, while most digital editing software lets you adjust things like brightness and contrast, that’s no substitute for getting it right to start with. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Natural light is best.
  • If you can plan your photo shoot so that you don’t need a flash, so much the better. Leaving the flash off will help you avoid those scary red eyes you see in so many pet photos.
  • Aim for early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is near the horizon. This diffuse lighting is softer, warmer, and flattering for almost all subjects.

Timing matters, too. 

Time matters
Timing Matters.

Be flexible in your timing so that you can catch your pet in the mood you want the photo to reflect. If you want a close-up of a relaxed pet, trying doing it either right before or right after a nap. If you want an action shots, however, you’re going to have a tough time motivating a sleepy pet to cooperate.

Keep it casual.

Our pets know when something is up. If you approach a photo session like it’s a big deal, your pet will sense that, and you may not be able to get a shot that reflects who your pet really is. Be as nonchalant as you can, and, if your pet isn’t in the mood to cooperate, your best bet is to take a break and try again later. (If you’ve ever tried to get a wailing toddler to pose for a picture with Santa, you’ll understand why this is so important.)

The eyes have it.

The better your camera, the bigger difference choosing the right focal point will make. Still, whether you’re using a professional grade DSLR or the camera on your smartphone, focus on your pet’s eyes (unless you’re doing a side-shot, of course).

Fur Babies, Look at the camera! Yes, good job!
Fur Babies, Look at the camera! Yes, good job!

Put technology to work for you.

A lot of cameras have features designed to help you get better photos than you could on your own. If your camera has a “portrait” setting, use that for close-ups. The portrait setting will put your pet in sharp focus while blurring the background, giving it a soft, dreamy look. If you’re aiming for an action shot, check to see whether your camera has a “sports” setting that will keep taking pictures as long as you hold the button down. I’ve used this trick to get some amazing shots that never would have happened through random chance.

Don’t forget about props.

Props can make for some great photos, too. I’ve got several of my puppy on her back, paws in the air, stuffed animal in her mouth, looking at me over her shoulder. And few things are sweeter than a furry face peaking out from a pet stroller.

Fur babies are smiling and sitting up in IBIYAYA strollers.
Fur babies are smiling and sitting up in IBIYAYA strollers.

Are you inspired to try to get some incredible photos of your fur baby? A nice camera is helpful, but you can get memorable shots with a point-and-shoot camera, too. So what are you waiting for? Stop what you’re doing and go get those photos! Then post them on Instagram so we can all see how adorable your babies are. HIghfive

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Restaurants Secret Menus for Your Travel Fido

If you take your dog everywhere you go (you do, don’t you?), you’re probably all too aware that meals and snacks can be a big problem. Few U.S. restaurants allow dogs inside unless they’re service animals. But just because the Health Department has a problem with dogs doesn’t mean the restaurants themselves do! In fact, there’s a whole network of restaurants with “secret menus” designed especially for your canine traveling buddy. While a steady diet of restaurant meals is no better for Fido than it is for you, most dogs are fine with an occasional treat, and you’ll be able to enjoy your own treat a lot better without those big, sad eyes staring at you pleadingly. Next time your adventures take you past one of these establishments, ask what they can whip up for your fur baby.


Puppies with pupchino
Courtesy of google images

While the barista is whipping up your Frappuccino, ask about a Puppuccino for your canine companion. Don’t worry; there’s no caffeine involved – just a cup of whipped cream that will make it possible for you to enjoy your own beverage with a minimum of guilt.

Dairy Queen

Image via Daily Queen website.

This American favorite knows that it’s more fun to eat ice cream when your dog has some, too. Their answer is the “pup cup,” a mini helping of soft-serve vanilla complete with a dog biscuit on top.

Lazy Dog
dog-menu lazy dog puppy rice plate

As the name suggests, Lazy Dog restaurants have a soft spot for canine customers and their human companions, and most locations welcome them to their outdoor patios. If your fur baby wants his own meal instead of just nibbling off of yours, order him a puppy rice plate, which also comes with a generous serving of cut-up beef.

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rocket offers a dog specialized menu.
Jonny Rocket offers dog menus. Items include doggie hamburgers, lickety split ice cream, and even pupcakes (nomz).

Visitors to Johnny Rockets locations with an outside patio can order a cut-up beef patty and a cup of water for their canine friends. The Victoria Gardens location in California has even teamed up with a doggy bakery to offer furry patrons a 20-item menu that includes such enticing offerings as Lickity Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes.

Shake Shack

If you stop by Shake Shack for a burger and shake, don’t forget to order something for your dog, too. The canine-specific menu makes it easy! Choose from items like the Poochini (dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard) or the Bag o’Bones (a bag of five dog biscuits).

#IBIYAYA Transparant Pet Carrier is #aswesome
IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier allows you easily see through the carrier and interact with your pet.

Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to mean gobbling a cheeseburger while you’re driving down the freeway. Pets are mostly prohibited from the restaurant, some are allows when you have them in the carrier or a small cage. When you plan your trip around restaurants where he will be as welcome as any other guest, the only other things he’ll need are a pet carrier or a pet cage.  For a more complete listing of dog-friendly restaurants, check out BringFido.com.

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IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier

Many pet owners have had negative experiences when they put pets in traditional carriers to take them out of the house. Their pets often get upset: cats yowling while you’re driving or dogs barking like crazy. That mostly happens because they are scared and don’t feel secure when they are in the pet carrier. They don’t know where you’re taking them, or where they are. It’s just as hard for you that you can’t see your pet through the carrier and that they can’t see you. IBIYAYA has solved this issue with the transparent hard case pet carrier. Here, IBIYAYA  has solved this issue with transparent hard case pet carrier. Furthermore, a intruding pattern design.

IBIYAYA transparent hard case pet carriers are going to give you a new vision.

Our pets aren’t all that different from us. Just like people, they have their own personalities, and their own likes and dislikes. Some are adventurous, and some are cautious. Some like their privacy, and others can’t get enough attention from everybody they meet. The secret to successful travels with your pet is to choose products that suit their personalities. That’s what’s great about IBIYAYA’s pet carriers: there’s one for every canine temperament. My older dog likes her privacy, so I bought her this adorable Pet Tote. Since it looks just like a regular purse, she’s able to go incognito around town. No one even knows she’s there unless she decides to stick her head out and say hello.           

IBIYAYA transparent hard case pet carrier- Honeysuckle IMG_4586

But then there’s my new puppy. He’s a typical maltese, and can sleep through anything when he’s tired. But, when he’s awake, he likes to see and be seen. And he always wants to know where I am. That’s why I bought him IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier. Here’s why it’s such a perfect fit for my newest little guy:

IBIYAYA Transparent Hard Case Pet carrier is designed in user-friendly especially for pet traveling.
IBIYAYA Transparent Hard Case Pet carrier is designed in user-friendly especially for pet traveling.

  • This carrier offers more visibility than any other carrier I’ve seen. I can see in to make sure he’s staying out of trouble (you know how puppies can be!), and he can see me, which helps keep him calm and relieves any anxiety he may be feeling. And it’s a lot of fun for me, because I get to watch him act like a little clown, begging for attention if anyone looks his way for more than two seconds!
  • It’s also really easy to use. You can open it from either the top or the side panels, and it comes with both a hand strap and a shoulder strap. And it folds flat when you’re not using it, so storage is easy.
  • There’s plenty of ventilation, so he can stay nice and cool even in warmer conditions. And all that ventilation also makes it easy for me to talk to him and to hear any whines, whimpers, or other bids for attention.
  • It comes in enough colors and patterns to suit any taste.
  • It comes fully decked out inside, too, with a safety strap, a pet diaper, and a removable inner pad for easy cleaning.

Valentine/ Honeysuckle/ Dogs&Cats/ Hard Rock/ Woof
Valentine/ Honeysuckle/ Dogs&Cats/ Hard Rock/ Woof

If you’re going to be traveling with a pet who never wants to miss a thing, check out IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier. It’s a great way to let your pet be part of the action while still keeping him safe and secure.

IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier picnic fun
It’s finally summer. Your furryfriends deserve a fun picnic and running in the park. Grab an IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier make everything perfect.

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Love Your Pet, Protect Your Pet

veterinary_pet_insurance1 (1)

In Sweden, where pet insurance started, 50 percent of pet owners purchase health insurance for their animals. In the United States, that number is less than three percent. That doesn’t mean that American pet parents care less about their pets than those in other parts of the world. It just hasn’t caught on here like it has in some other countries, and many people
don’t even know it exists. The choice is yours
– of course – I’m just here tohelp you make an informed decision.

So, what is pet insurance?

Pet Insurance 101

Pet insurance works a lot like normal insurance. Depending on the type of policy you buy, it can cover everything from routine care, like checkups and vaccinations, to injury and serious illness.

So pet insurance really exists? We never heard of such a thing when I was growing up.

Pet insurance has become more mainstream as veterinary costs have increased. Not only is the same kind of care more expensive that it used to be, there are now treatments that weren’t available even a few years ago. Vets can treat and save pets that would have died back when we were kids. But those treatments are expensive. And some people would rather spend their money pampering their dogs during their recovery period, with things like an IBIYAYA 5-in-1 Combo Pet Carrier/Stroller. You can even get physical therapy and acupuncture for your pet (and some insurance plans cover it).

Is it worth it?

Pet Insurance

That’s something only you can decide. Consumer Reports did an analysis and concluded that, for most animals with normal vet visits, the premiums cost as much as the care would have. However, when you throw in a serious illness or injury, it reverses, so that the cost of the insurance is far less than the cost of the care.

If I decide I want it, where do I start?

Pet Insurance companies
              Pet Insurance Top Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reports and Top Consumer Reviews are good places to start to find out what plans are available and how they compare with other plans. And make sure you talk to your vet to confirm that he accepts the plan you’re considering.

Whether or not you choose to buy pet insurance, all your pet wants is to be with you. What can you do with your pet today?

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It’s Summer Time! The Sun Kiss Time

Photo courtesy of Google images
Photo courtesy of Google images

Yes, it’s summer time! 
The summer travel season is approaching quickly. When you’re planning your vacation, are you including your pet? Traveling together is a great way to strengthen your bond, and, after all, your pet likes nothing better than being with you. Nervous? There’s no need to be. Traveling with your pet just takes a little planning, and these IBIYAYA products can help things go smoothly.


Our New Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Carrier

Pet carriers
IBIYAYA Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Pet Carrier

This carrier is perfect for travel: It’s comfortable and safe for your pet, and it’s collapsible for super-easy storage. It’s lightweight, crack-resistant, and waterproof, thanks to high-quality EVA foam. Inside, there’s a detachable diaper that makes the carrier easy to clean, and there’s both a handle and a shoulder strap for ease of use.


Transparent Hard Case Carrier

Transparent Hard Case Pet Carrier
Transparent Hard Case Pet Carrier

Our Transparent Hard Case Carrier shields your pet from bumps while showing him off via the see-through side panels. That feature also lets your pet see out, which, along with the ample ventilation, makes for happy traveling. The hard case carrier comes with a padded shoulder strap and, like the shoulder carrier, includes a detachable diaper for easy of cleaning. When not in use, it folds flat, making it convenient to store anywhere.


Elegant Retro I

Happy dog jump
Out with french bulldog and fun time.

IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I
Elegant Retro I is able to load multiple medium small dogs

              S-咖粉        S-藍

Our Elegant Retro stroller comes with the most sought-after features of the very best baby strollers – along with a few features designed just for your pet, like safety leashes. The cabin is big enough for two or three small pets or one medium pet. It opens on both sides for easy access, which is especially handy for removing any pets who may be napping when you reach your destination. The unique design lets you keep mosquitoes out of the cabin without sacrificing ventilation, and the internal pads are removable and machine-washable. In addition, there’s a cup holder for you and plenty of storage under the cabin. The Elegant Retro Stroller is lightweight and is easy to fold and unfold.

Turbo Pet Jogger with Air-Filled Tires

IBIYAYA Pet jogger stroller    

This stroller is ideal for your more adventurous journeys. The air-filled tires rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to steer on any surface. For safety, it’s equipped with rear brakes as well as safety leashes in the cabin. And there’s plenty of room for your pet to move around and get comfortable. For you, there’s a snack tray with two cup-holders, storage space under the cabin, and removable cushions for easy cleaning. It also folds flat at the touch of a button, which makes storage easy, too.


No matter where you go this summer, your pet would love to go with you, and these IBIYAYA products make it easy and convenient. Where will you and your pet be traveling this summer?

world map

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Pet Fun Facts You Never Knew

Fun Facts

Your pets make up your world. They go where you go, and you spoil them rotten (go on…admit it). You think you know everything about them. And you do know the most important things, like how to keep them safe and healthy, and how to let them know they’re loved. But how good are you at pet trivia? How many of these fun facts did you already know?

Smart dog
Pet fun fast how many you knew about?

❒  The Basenji is the only breed of dog that can’t bark.

❒  Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic: two small dogs who rode in their owners’ laps, and a Newfoundland who swam to a rescue ship.

❒  A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl’s phone number if he has a dog with him.

❒  A group of cats is called a clowder.

❒  Eighty percent of pet parents buy their pets holiday and birthday gifts (stroller, anyone?), and many sign their names on greeting cards.

❒  Cats sleep for 70 percent of their lives, which is why it’s so important to provide a safe and cozy place like the IBIYAYA Little Arena where they can do all of that relaxing.

❒  Cats can drink seawater. Their kidneys filter out the salt.

❒  Teddy Roosevelt’s dog, Pete, ripped the French ambassador’s pants off. (Sounds like Pete would have benefited from one of IBIYAYA’s Transparent Hardcase Carriers.)

❒  Cats can’t taste sweetness. (No wonder they seem grumpy sometimes!)

❒  Franklin D. Roosevelt spent $15,000 to have a destroyer pick his Scottie up from the Aleutian Islands. (I have no idea how the Scottie got to the Aleutian Islands in the first place…?)

❒  Most cats don’t meow at other cats; they save that sound for humans. With other cats, they’ll use one of their many other vocal sounds, like hisses, purrs, and chatters.

❒  Both dogs and cats have nose prints that are as unique as human fingerprints and can be used for identification purposes.

❒  Rin Tin Tin, the first canine movie star, signed his own contracts – not with a nose print, but with a paw print.

❒  There were no Leisure Puppy Purses in ancient China, so Pekinese owners carried their dogs in their sleeves.

❒  Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door to keep his cat from ruining his light experiments.

❒  A 2010 study published in The American Naturalist found that the differences between breeds of dogs are sometimes as great as the differences between different species.

❒  In ancient Egypt, family members mourned a cat’s death by shaving off their eyebrows. In addition, killing a cat was punishable by death.

Aren’t  they surprising you? or want more dog and cat trivia? Check out one of these websites: PBS, Science Kids, Funny Fidos, OMG Facts, Fact Slides, Live Science, and Random Facts.

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The Funny Sweet Things Must Share with You

Photo via Google Image
Photo via Google Image

Yes, the social media I am talking about

As a lifelong dog lover, one of my favorite things to do is read social media posts about dog shaming. You know the ones I mean – adorable photos of sheepish-looking pets with handwritten signs proclaiming their crimes. The fact that their human parents have a good sense of humor about these naughty adventures makes me feel okay about laughing until I cry. And do I ever!

Photo via Google Image
Photo via Google Image

I’ll share just a few of my favorites, courtesy of http://www.dogshaming.com:

Photo via dogshaming.com
Photo via dogshaming.com

  • “I eat anything plastic, barf it up, then eat it again. Please recycle.”
  • “My name is Sadie. I jumped the kennel and ate a month’s worth of horse supplements. Hopefully I won’t die.”
  • “I ate the pooper scooper.”
  • “My name is Fudge. I ate the pretty decorative Easter eggs my mom made with her kids when they were little.”
  • “I ate a full-sized bath towel that cost $747 to have removed.”
  • “Dear mom, I know you like designer shoes, so I made you some ‘Jimmie Chews.’ You’re welcome.”
  • “I ate grease from the grill, and it dripped on my head and left a stain 24 hours after my $50 grooming.”
  • “I ate my mom’s stethoscope.”
  • “I chewed my Uncle Aaron’s manicure set. You should be happy I didn’t cut myself.”

As funny as these are from the outside, they’re not quite so entertaining when they happen to you. My fur baby’s mission in life seems to be to prove that there isn’t anything she can’t destroy. (So far, she’s right.) What all of these naughty pooches have in common, though, is that they get into mischief when they’re left home alone. Think about it – dogs don’t do these things when you’re watching. They wait until you go somewhere without them, right?

So, next time, why not just take your dog with you? It makes for some good bonding time, it’s great socialization for your pet, and it will keep your house from being destroyed. And there are lots of products out there that make it more convenient than ever before.

If you have a tiny dog, try this dog carrier that looks just like a super-stylish purse. You can take your baby anywhere you go, and no one will be the wiser. Need a little more room? Try one of these dog totes. Both of these items are perfect for a quick trip to the grocery store or even lunch with the girls! Or, if you’d rather not do any heavy lifting, try one of these cute dog strollers.

Mini Pet Buggy   Black Tote Leisure Puppy Purse

Your dog just wants to be with you. Is that really too much to ask? Sure, sometimes it’s inconvenient, but products like these make it pretty easy. And it’s a lot better than sitting at home posting dog-shaming pictures of your destroyed possessions…right?

Let's go out

Let’s pick up the leash and move from couch, get some fresh air with your sweetheart pooch.

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What Should You Do as A Travel Expert with Your Fido

As you probably know already, I’m an avid dog lover and like to keep my pet with me as much as possible. Products like dog carriers that look like cute purses make outings like the grocery store easy. But I get a lot of questions from dog parents asking about longer trips, so I thought I’d try to answer a few of them here.

Can I take my dog camping? What do I need?

Photo resource via ibiyaya.com
Photo resource via ibiyaya.com

As long as you’re going to a camping spot that allows dogs, sure you can! Just remember to take along whatever you need to keep your pet safe and comfortable. If the weather is warm, you’ll have to make sure your fur baby doesn’t get overheated. A cooling pad and plenty of shade are a great combination. You’ll also need food, lots of clean water, and a leash to make sure your companion doesn’t run off into the woods and get lost. And don’t forget the sleeping arrangements. If your tent isn’t big enough to share, why not get your dog his own?

Photo resource via ibiyaya.com
Photo resource via ibiyaya.com

But we plan to do a lot of hiking, and I’m worried that he won’t be able to keep up.

Photo resource via ibiyaya.com
Photo resource via ibiyaya.com

That is a concern – not all dogs are made to romp through the woods all day. If you’re concerned your fur baby won’t be able to keep up, I’d recommend using a pet stroller. A jogger design will keep your dog safe and comfortable on almost any trail. (If you’re planning on climbing Mt. Everest, you may want to reconsider taking your dog.)

What if I’m traveling by plane

  下載 (2)

The first thing you’ll want to do is check with the airline about any rules and restrictions they might have. Not all airlines will let you keep your dog in the cabin with you. Many airlines require pets to travel in the cargo hold and, in that case, there are usually temperature limits in place to keep your companion from getting too hot. Many airlines also have specific requirements for pet carriers, so you’ll want to make sure  you’re in compliance on all points so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the airport.

What if I want to take my dog abroad?

Photo resource via Google image
Photo resource via Google image

First, you need to do your homework. In addition to checking in with your airline, you’ll need to research the laws of your destination country. Not all allow travelers to bring pets, and many of those that do have a mandatory quarantine period, which can be a real blow to your vacation if you’re not expecting it.

Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun. It just requires a little more planning than traveling alone. But, as long as you do your homework, you and your baby can share the trip of a lifetime!

So, let’s pack and bring your fido hit the road!

Packed! Let's go!
Photo resource via Google image

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IBIYAYA 5-in-1 Multiple Functions Pet Stroller

_MG_1582   _MG_1614

If you’re like me, your pet goes where you go. You’d no more leave your fur baby behind than you would your human child. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t complicate things on vacations and other adventures. Sometimes, I take IBIYAYA’s 5-in-1 Multifunction Pet Stroller with me to make things easier.

1009-5 WAY-021009-5 WAY-05  1009-5 WAY-031009-5 WAY-01 1009-5 WAY-04  

I know you’d probably rather just hold your fur baby in your lap when you travel, but that’s not always practical. If I’m just going from point A to point B and need a way to transport my pet safely – and without annoying non-animal lovers – this is what I take. It pops off easily and doesn’t take up much space.

Since I don’t always stick to paved roads when I travel, I get a lot of use out of the backpack function. It’s great for those times when the ground doesn’t really lend itself to a stroller, but you also want to keep your hands free. My fur baby has had all kinds of adventures in our backpack, including hiking mountain trails in a snowstorm!

While my dog loves riding with his head hanging out the window, I’m a stickler for safety. The detachable carrier makes a great car seat, and it can also make anxious travelers feel a little more secure.

Now let’s talk practicality. After a long drive, your fur baby is probably going to be ready for some freedom. I know mine is! But that’s not always practical. Sometimes you just have other stuff to lug; sometimes you have to dodge the street crowds on a holiday weekend. I love this function because I can put some of my other bags on the cart, too. It makes things easier rather than harder.

And then there’s the stroller mode. My fur baby is a senior and isn’t really up to long hikes, so sometimes he needs to bum a ride, and that’s when this stroller becomes my best friend. My pet is safe and comfy, it’s easy to steer, and it’s even got a snack tray and a cup holder for me.

Only somebody who understands pet owners and knows what it’s like to travel with one could come up with a product that makes it so easy.


Photo resource via ibiyaya.com 

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