Ease the Lockdown Blues with Ibiyaya

Hey there, how are you holding up? During the COVID-19 lockdown, your cuddly friends may also miss their furry friends in the neighborhood. Animals are curious beings. Just like you, staying indoors 24/7 may cause them anxiety and restlessness. Given this, a quick stroll outdoors may be called for once in a while.

However, pets tend to go to other pets when they see each other on the street. During a lockdown, that may not be a smart move. While there is still no evidence that pets can spread the coronavirus to people to date, it’s always better to go on the safe side.

At a special time like this, you can get a little help from pet strollers.  You no longer need to worry about getting too close to other people and pets. Here are some activities you can enjoy outside with your fur baby in a stroller granted that you are not on strict lockdown:

  • Explore the outdoors with your senior or sick The Hercules Heavy-duty stroller and Gentle Giant Pet Wagon are perfect for big dogs who no longer have the same physique or energy to run around like they used to. Every paw deserves a breath of fresh air.

Top-of-the-line heavy-duty strollers can help families with aging or injured pets continue on with their daily lives. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Hercules Heavy-duty Pet Stroller)
With products specifically designed for bigger pets, transportation is no longer too much to handle. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Gentle Giant Pet Wagon)
  • Jog with your fur-iend. The Turbo Pet Jogger has air-filled tires, making it the perfect choice for outdoor exercises over terrains of all kinds. Physical fitness is another way to fight the crisis after all.

Pet strollers can help temper you and your fur baby’s cabin fever (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Turbo Pet Jogger in Berry Black)
  • Enjoy a bike ride with your pet. The Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller allows fur parents to hook the pet pram onto their bicycle for all pets who are craving the zoomies. Share the adrenaline rush!

Gone are the days of choosing between enjoying a bike ride or jogging with your fur friend. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller in Red)
  • Take multiple pets out at once. With the Double Decker Pet Bus or the Elegant Retro I, you no longer have to choose which fur baby will get to see the great outdoors. Why let just one tag along when you can bring them all, right?

Go next-level paw parent by bringing all of your fur friends along. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Double-decker Pet Bus in Red Violet)
Heavy-duty doesn’t always mean ginormous and ugly; sometimes, it means looking perfect and adorable in a stylish stroller. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Elegant Retro I in Apple Green)
  • Take your furry friend along with you, even in public transportation. The 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller offers versatility and comfort in whichever way you choose to travel, offering five awesome ways to carry your adorable best friend. Just be sure to practice social distancing, okay?

Multi-function pet items ensure that you get convenience and a bang for your buck. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller)

Ibiyaya is all about letting you enjoy precious time with your pets during the lockdown but it also values your safety. With Ibiyaya, the lockdown can be made even just a tiny bit more enjoyable.

IBIYAYA Announces Move to New Headquarters

Ibiyaya LOGO-藍綠-01

Ibiyaya, a luxury brand of pet strollers, carriers, beds, furniture, and other accessories, recently announced that an unprecedented increase is business has led them to relocate their offices. Prior to the move, the company held a cleaners sale at the old location, with many customers waiting for hours in the rain for the chance to participate.

Founded in Taiwan in 2003, Ibiyaya was named after the owner’s maltese, Ibbi.  While Ibbi’s owner frequently brought the dog on trips, the market at the time lacked a source for safe, comfortable, and user-friendly transport for pets. As a result, Ibiyaya was created to develop a line of carriers and strollers that make it easy for pet owners to travel with their pets. Ibiyaya offers products designed to keep dogs comfortable while they travel, like a rain shield for the strollers and a cooling pad for pets traveling to hot climates.

Ibbi, is the inspiration of  how IBIYAYA started.
Ibbi, is the inspiration of how IBIYAYA started.

Family-owned and operated, Ibiyaya manufactures their products to the same SGS standards that are used for baby strollers. In addition, all products are made from virgin plastic, consolidated materials, and non-toxic fabrics. Ibiyaya introduces new products each year, many of them inspired by customer requests and suggestions. Focusing on style as well as on pet safety and comfort, Ibiyaya is a pioneer in the luxury pet-care industry. Except for the cleaners sales, during which customers can buy directly from Ibiyaya, products are sold online or through major retailers.

Having grown from a domestic product to a global brand in just over ten years, Ibiyaya looks forward to hearing from customers at their new headquarters:

IBIYAYA new office in Taipei, Taiwan


No. 185, Sec. 2, Wenhau 1st Road
Linkou District, New Taipei City 24457, Taiwan
U.S.A Phone line: (323) 813-8553
Email: sales@ibiyayausa.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ibiyaya.en
General inquiries: pet@ibiyaya.com
Business inquiries: export@ibiyaya.com

For more IBIYAYA Newest information, please see www.ibiyaya.com

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