IBIYAYA “Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller” Product News.

Ibiyaya Elegant retro I

I’ve heard rumors that some parts of the country may be cooling off, but, where I live, we still have another month or two of steamy weather. And, as much as I’m over the heat, my dogs hate it even more than I do. In fact, when I try to take them for a walk, they just lie down in the first spot of shade and refuse to budge. So I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I stroller.

Here’s what I love about it.

We take all your concerns into our consideration.
We take all your concerns into our consideration.
  • My favorite thing is that, unlike a lot of strollers that accommodate only the smallest dogs, this one can handle up to 70 lbs. Between that and the roomy cabin space, I can take all three of my fur babies without them being on top of each other (although they frequently opt for a pile of noses, paws, and tails anyway!).green all
  • It also opens from either side, which is nice if your dogs are lazy like mine and don’t want to scoot over once they’re comfy. I often start loading from one side and then move to the other when somebody refuses to move.
  • Adjustable Handlebar
    Adjustable Handlebar

    The handlebar is adjustable, which is a big deal for me, since I’m really short. I imagine it would be just as appealing to someone who’s on the tall side. So many things are designed for people of “average” height that it’s really nice to find something that adjusts to fit you just right.

  • Cup Holder
    Cup Holder

    The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to fold and store.

  • There’s a big cargo area under the seat so that I can carry drinks, snacks, and waste bags for my dogs. There’s also a cup holder so that I can keep my own drink near at hand. That comes in handy when it’s so hot your glasses steam up as soon as you walk outside.
  • Mesh Insect Protector! It also maximize air flow.
    Mesh Insect Protector! It also maximize air flow.

    It’s got a net that keeps mosquitoes out without compromising ventilation. Have you ever encountered southern mosquitoes? Believe me, I’ve often been tempted to climb inside myself to get away from the annoying little pests.

  • The inner padding and all of the fabric are removable and washable for easy cleaning. That’s not such a big deal to me right now, but I know that in a couple of months, when my lazy puppies agree to walk part of the time, I’ll be dealing with wet, muddy paws (and other canine body parts). I’ll get more than my money’s worth out of this feature then!
  • Just because I’m a “dog lady” doesn’t mean I’m don’t like my fashion! The Elegant Retro I comes in three great-looking color combinations: pink/walnut, green/gray, and sky blue/navy.

    Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I stroller comes in assorted colors.
    Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I stroller comes in assorted colors.

These long months of ridiculously hot weather have turned my dogs into couch potatoes, so we’ve been using this stroller all the time. Even when it cools off, though, we’ll still use it for the times when they get tired or when it just isn’t convenient to have them running around, like when we’re out in a crowd. What’s your favorite way to use your pet stroller?


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Secrets to Stunning Pet Photos

IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller.
IBIYAYA Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller.

I bet I know something about you. If you take your pet everywhere you go, I’m guessing that you take a lot of photos, too. Am I right? Don’t worry, I take too many myself. My husband is very grateful for digital photography; otherwise, we might spend our kids’ college funds on film and development!

Whether you use film or digital, however, a few perfectly executed shots that capture your pet’s personality are better than dozens of blurry, dark, unbalanced photos. So I want to share some of what I’ve learned (the hard way!) about taking great pet photos.

Lighting matters. A lot.

Natural sunlight is photographer's best friend.
Natural sunlight is photographer’s best friend.

Lighting can make or break a photo. And, while most digital editing software lets you adjust things like brightness and contrast, that’s no substitute for getting it right to start with. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Natural light is best.
  • If you can plan your photo shoot so that you don’t need a flash, so much the better. Leaving the flash off will help you avoid those scary red eyes you see in so many pet photos.
  • Aim for early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is near the horizon. This diffuse lighting is softer, warmer, and flattering for almost all subjects.

Timing matters, too. 

Time matters
Timing Matters.

Be flexible in your timing so that you can catch your pet in the mood you want the photo to reflect. If you want a close-up of a relaxed pet, trying doing it either right before or right after a nap. If you want an action shots, however, you’re going to have a tough time motivating a sleepy pet to cooperate.

Keep it casual.

Our pets know when something is up. If you approach a photo session like it’s a big deal, your pet will sense that, and you may not be able to get a shot that reflects who your pet really is. Be as nonchalant as you can, and, if your pet isn’t in the mood to cooperate, your best bet is to take a break and try again later. (If you’ve ever tried to get a wailing toddler to pose for a picture with Santa, you’ll understand why this is so important.)

The eyes have it.

The better your camera, the bigger difference choosing the right focal point will make. Still, whether you’re using a professional grade DSLR or the camera on your smartphone, focus on your pet’s eyes (unless you’re doing a side-shot, of course).

Fur Babies, Look at the camera! Yes, good job!
Fur Babies, Look at the camera! Yes, good job!

Put technology to work for you.

A lot of cameras have features designed to help you get better photos than you could on your own. If your camera has a “portrait” setting, use that for close-ups. The portrait setting will put your pet in sharp focus while blurring the background, giving it a soft, dreamy look. If you’re aiming for an action shot, check to see whether your camera has a “sports” setting that will keep taking pictures as long as you hold the button down. I’ve used this trick to get some amazing shots that never would have happened through random chance.

Don’t forget about props.

Props can make for some great photos, too. I’ve got several of my puppy on her back, paws in the air, stuffed animal in her mouth, looking at me over her shoulder. And few things are sweeter than a furry face peaking out from a pet stroller.

Fur babies are smiling and sitting up in IBIYAYA strollers.
Fur babies are smiling and sitting up in IBIYAYA strollers.

Are you inspired to try to get some incredible photos of your fur baby? A nice camera is helpful, but you can get memorable shots with a point-and-shoot camera, too. So what are you waiting for? Stop what you’re doing and go get those photos! Then post them on Instagram so we can all see how adorable your babies are. HIghfive

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Out-of-the-Ordinary Activities to Share with Your Dog

If agility competitions with your dog aren’t your cup of tea, there are still plenty of fun things you and your canine companion can do together. Check out some of these other activities people everywhere are doing with their dogs:

Dog Scootering

Dog scottering
Dog Scootering, a great exercise for large breed dogs. Fur baby goes: “Sir/Madam, do you want to go for a ride?”
Dog scootering

Dog scootering is one of several spin offs of the winter sport of mushing. Instead of pulling a sled, the dog runs, pulling a scooter (ridden, of course, by its owner). It’s perfect for the more athletic breeds of dogs – like Border Collies or Australian Shepherds – whose need for exercise can sometimes outstrip their owners’ stamina. But since scooter wheels offer little resistance, even smaller dogs can participate – especially if you have more than one. Just don’t forget to bring along a stroller or pet carrier in the event that your small dog tires out before you get back to where you started! If you want to give it a try, you can find a sled dog harness at a pet store or online.

Musical freestyle

Dance with Music.

I didn’t even know this sport existed, but it’s been around since at 1991. Musical freestyle is like a combination of obedience work and dancing. Each handler choreographs a routine for himself and his dog to perform to music. “Freestyle” means that just about anything goes for the dog’s movements, but, if you want to be competitive, they do have to be more difficult than simple heeling – things like circling or walking backwards (or maybe pushing a pet stroller).  



I am going to show you how to play with these balls.

Like many canine sports, treibball sprang from a real-life dog “job:” herding. With treiball, however, the dogs herd balls instead of animals. The dog’s role is to push a series of balls through a goal, while the handler uses commands and gestures to tell the dog which ball to work next. This is a great outlet for the herding instinct that is such a strong drive in shepherds and some other breeds. The sport is most popular in Europe, but you can learn more about opportunities within the U.S. here.

Dock jumping

Dock jumping

dock jumping is like the broad jump for dogs, but with water thrown in to give the sport a little more oomph. Dogs race down a dock and leap off the end into the water, going for height or distance. It’s a great outlet for retrievers and other dogs who love playing around in the water.


Flyball, a dog sport competition.

When I first heard of flyball, I thought of all the cute dogs I’ve seen leaping up to catch a Frisbee, but it’s actually a lot more complex than that. Flyball is a relay race, typically involving teams of four dogs each. The dogs run through an obstacle course, hit a target to release a ball, grab the ball, and race back to the finish line. There’s actually a lot of skill involved – for instance, you want your dog to jump high enough to clear the hurdle, but not so high that it wastes precious seconds. And, while speed is important, each race is made up of dogs of similar size and speed, so even the smallest dogs can participate.

You and your dog are definitely not limited to walk around the neighborhood and cuddle in front of the TV. If you’re looking for a new activity that you can do together, why not give one of these a try?

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IBIYAYA Pet Tent Bed: The Perfect Haven

Featured image

Two pets are the same. Some eat up all the attention they can get, while others get overwhelmed when there’s too much going on. If yours is more like the latter – a pet that likes his peace and quiet – consider a bed that gives him some much-needed privacy in addition to a soft, comfy place to sleep.

Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com

This pet tent bed by IBIYAYA is the one I use for my introverted pup. Here’s why:

Zip to assemble/ Easy for in flat/ Ventilation holes / Slip-proof on the bottom
Zip to assemble/ Easy for in flat/ Ventilation holes / Slip-proof on the bottom


  • The tent gives him a place to retreat for a nap or just because life has gotten a little too crazy. He can look out and see what’s going on without feeling like he’s too exposed. And he heads straight for it during a storm! It’s definitely the place where he feels the most secure.
  • It’s just the right size (51cm x 51cm x 38cm) to give a small or medium pet plenty of room to stretch out without being so spacious it takes away from the sense of security.
  • The construction is sturdy but light – just enough to give the tent frame some support without making the bed too heavy to transport easily. It even has a Velcro strap on top that you can use as a handle to move it from room to room.
  • With both top and side vents for great ventilation, you don’t have to worry about your fur baby getting overheated.
  • It comes with a soft pad to provide your pet with a comfortable bed. The pad is washable, too; whether your pet has an accident or just muddy paws, cleanup is a breeze.
  • It’s also collapsible for easy storage – just undo the zipper, and fold the sides down.
  • The bottom is slip-proof, so even the most rambunctious puppy can get in without finding himself sliding across the floor!

Cozy, light, Space efficient
Cozy, light, Space efficient

Every pet parent knows that it’s hard finding a bed that your babies like. Sometimes, I come home from the store with a new, fluffy pad, and my puppy won’t even go near it. I try to put him on top of it, but he just gets up and walks away, and I’m left with a bed that neither of us can use, and no one’s happy. It’s impossible to tell what they’ll like–it seems completely random! And, a lot of the time, pet stores don’t accept returns.

Velcro handle also the attaching tape when storage.
Velcro handle also the attaching tape when storage.

That’s why I was so happy when I bought the tent bed…as soon as he saw it, my puppy loved it, and has ever since. No fuss, no guessing–just love and comfort! When do I use it? Anywhere and everywhere! Whether it’s the park, my kids’ school, the grocery store, the pool, nature hikes, or friends’ houses, I take it with us when we travel so that my skittish puppy can feel safe and comfortable even in a new environment. I also rely on it when we have guests in our home, and I bring it along to cookouts, picnics, and anywhere else I think my puppy may feel the need for a bit of privacy. In fact, your pet may like it so much you end up using it all the time!

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Restaurants Secret Menus for Your Travel Fido

If you take your dog everywhere you go (you do, don’t you?), you’re probably all too aware that meals and snacks can be a big problem. Few U.S. restaurants allow dogs inside unless they’re service animals. But just because the Health Department has a problem with dogs doesn’t mean the restaurants themselves do! In fact, there’s a whole network of restaurants with “secret menus” designed especially for your canine traveling buddy. While a steady diet of restaurant meals is no better for Fido than it is for you, most dogs are fine with an occasional treat, and you’ll be able to enjoy your own treat a lot better without those big, sad eyes staring at you pleadingly. Next time your adventures take you past one of these establishments, ask what they can whip up for your fur baby.

Puppies with pupchino
Courtesy of google images

While the barista is whipping up your Frappuccino, ask about a Puppuccino for your canine companion. Don’t worry; there’s no caffeine involved – just a cup of whipped cream that will make it possible for you to enjoy your own beverage with a minimum of guilt.

Dairy Queen
Image via Daily Queen website.

This American favorite knows that it’s more fun to eat ice cream when your dog has some, too. Their answer is the “pup cup,” a mini helping of soft-serve vanilla complete with a dog biscuit on top.

Lazy Dog
dog-menu lazy dog puppy rice plate

As the name suggests, Lazy Dog restaurants have a soft spot for canine customers and their human companions, and most locations welcome them to their outdoor patios. If your fur baby wants his own meal instead of just nibbling off of yours, order him a puppy rice plate, which also comes with a generous serving of cut-up beef.

Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rocket offers a dog specialized menu.
Jonny Rocket offers dog menus. Items include doggie hamburgers, lickety split ice cream, and even pupcakes (nomz).

Visitors to Johnny Rockets locations with an outside patio can order a cut-up beef patty and a cup of water for their canine friends. The Victoria Gardens location in California has even teamed up with a doggy bakery to offer furry patrons a 20-item menu that includes such enticing offerings as Lickity Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes.

Shake Shack

If you stop by Shake Shack for a burger and shake, don’t forget to order something for your dog, too. The canine-specific menu makes it easy! Choose from items like the Poochini (dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard) or the Bag o’Bones (a bag of five dog biscuits).

#IBIYAYA Transparant Pet Carrier is #aswesome
IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier allows you easily see through the carrier and interact with your pet.

Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to mean gobbling a cheeseburger while you’re driving down the freeway. Pets are mostly prohibited from the restaurant, some are allows when you have them in the carrier or a small cage. When you plan your trip around restaurants where he will be as welcome as any other guest, the only other things he’ll need are a pet carrier or a pet cage.  For a more complete listing of dog-friendly restaurants, check out BringFido.com.

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Four Tips for Traveling with Your Cat

Sometimes, it seems like dogs have all the fun. After all, you never seeing anybody in the park playing Frisbee with his cat, and nobody talks about hanging out at the cat park.

Why can cants have fun in the park as well?
Why can’t cants have fun in the park as well?

But, if you’re a cat lover, you know the joy that comes just from having your feline baby there with you. And you can travel with a cat just as easily as you can travel with a dog! You just need to be prepared–here are the steps I follow whenever I travel with my cat:

• Invest in a good pet carrier

IBIYAYA transparent allows you watch your cat and they also feel secure when seeing outside.     IBIYAYA transparent allows you watch your cat and they also feel secure when seeing outside.

Cats are wanderers (and sometimes escape artists), so a good carrier is essential for keeping your pet safe. Keep your cat’s personality in mind when you’re shopping. My cat, for instance, likes her privacy, so her favorite carrier is this one by IBIYAYA. If your cat is more of a people watcher, she may prefer their transparent hard case carrier.

• Consider some sort of calming agent

下載   Cat calm in the carrier

If your cat goes crazy on long road trips, consider getting her a little bit of help. Feliway is a cat-specific pheromone that many cats find soothing. While you don’t want to spray it on your cat, you can use it on your cat’s carrier and bedding. It’s also available as a room diffuse. You can find it online, at pet stores and from some vets (it’s a good idea to check with your vet before you use it, anyway). If your cat is really stressed by travel, you might want to ask your vet about a prescription medication.

• Bribe her with catnip
cats love catnip
cats love catnip

Each cat reacts differently to catnip, so it would be a good idea to test this one ahead of time. But if your cat is one of the many for whom catnip has a mellowing effect, it can be a great distraction on a long road trip. It’s especially effective if you save it for special occasions!

• Make safety a priority

safey is 1st priority cat safety

While anyone who’s been stuck in a car with a squalling cat can tell you how critical it is to keep your cat happy while traveling, never underestimate the importance of safety. First, make sure your cat can be easily identified. Collars with tags work well, but microchips are better. Be sure to keep the information on the chip up-to-date, and locate an emergency vet in every city on your route. If an accident or unexpected illness strikes, you want to be able to get help as quickly as possible.

Don’t let the canines have all the fun–traveling with your cat can be just as great. And, if you’re like me, it’s a lot less nerve-wracking than leaving your baby in the care of strangers!

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Dog Sport – Agility Training

Not only eating and sleeping, inviting your pet along on your adventures is always a lot of fun. Participating in agility training and competition is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog, and both of you are sure to enjoy yourselves. And, believe me, nothing bonds you with your dog more than the spirit of competition! My dogs and I have been doing it for a few years now, so I’ve put together a brief guide:

Just what is agility?
 Agility equipmeny

An agility trial is essentially a teamwork event. It starts with training, as you teach your dog how to complete a timed obstacle course that includes things like jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. At higher levels of competition, courses also include contact objects like balance beams and teeter-totters.

What kind of dogs can participate in agility trials?

All kinds of dogs! AKC events allow only registered, purebred dogs, but there are many community events that welcome all dogs, and mixed breeds often do very well. Your dog does, of course, need to be healthy, so you may want to check with your vet before beginning training. Other than that, though, all sizes and shapes participate, and jump heights are based on the size of the dog, to make it fair.

How do we get started?

Since some of the obstacle course features can be pretty expensive, don’t buy your own until you’re sure you and your dog both enjoy it. Instead, start by trying to find a class in your community. If your dog is AKC registered, you might want to start with your local AKC branch. In addition, the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) has a feature on their web site that lets you search for groups in your area. Your local parks and recreation department may be able to provide you with some information, too. And, if you really get hooked on agility competitions, you can always travel to events in neighboring communities. If you enjoy spending time with your dog, I encourage you to give agility work a try. I have to warn you, though – it can be addictive! After doing it for a while, I can see why it’s the fastest-growing dog sport in the United States. Just make sure you bring along a pet stroller so you can give your hard-working athlete a restful ride home!

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IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier

Many pet owners have had negative experiences when they put pets in traditional carriers to take them out of the house. Their pets often get upset: cats yowling while you’re driving or dogs barking like crazy. That mostly happens because they are scared and don’t feel secure when they are in the pet carrier. They don’t know where you’re taking them, or where they are. It’s just as hard for you that you can’t see your pet through the carrier and that they can’t see you. IBIYAYA has solved this issue with the transparent hard case pet carrier. Here, IBIYAYA  has solved this issue with transparent hard case pet carrier. Furthermore, a intruding pattern design.

IBIYAYA transparent hard case pet carriers are going to give you a new vision.

Our pets aren’t all that different from us. Just like people, they have their own personalities, and their own likes and dislikes. Some are adventurous, and some are cautious. Some like their privacy, and others can’t get enough attention from everybody they meet. The secret to successful travels with your pet is to choose products that suit their personalities. That’s what’s great about IBIYAYA’s pet carriers: there’s one for every canine temperament. My older dog likes her privacy, so I bought her this adorable Pet Tote. Since it looks just like a regular purse, she’s able to go incognito around town. No one even knows she’s there unless she decides to stick her head out and say hello.           

IBIYAYA transparent hard case pet carrier- Honeysuckle IMG_4586

But then there’s my new puppy. He’s a typical maltese, and can sleep through anything when he’s tired. But, when he’s awake, he likes to see and be seen. And he always wants to know where I am. That’s why I bought him IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier. Here’s why it’s such a perfect fit for my newest little guy:

IBIYAYA Transparent Hard Case Pet carrier is designed in user-friendly especially for pet traveling.
IBIYAYA Transparent Hard Case Pet carrier is designed in user-friendly especially for pet traveling.
  • This carrier offers more visibility than any other carrier I’ve seen. I can see in to make sure he’s staying out of trouble (you know how puppies can be!), and he can see me, which helps keep him calm and relieves any anxiety he may be feeling. And it’s a lot of fun for me, because I get to watch him act like a little clown, begging for attention if anyone looks his way for more than two seconds!
  • It’s also really easy to use. You can open it from either the top or the side panels, and it comes with both a hand strap and a shoulder strap. And it folds flat when you’re not using it, so storage is easy.
  • There’s plenty of ventilation, so he can stay nice and cool even in warmer conditions. And all that ventilation also makes it easy for me to talk to him and to hear any whines, whimpers, or other bids for attention.
  • It comes in enough colors and patterns to suit any taste.
  • It comes fully decked out inside, too, with a safety strap, a pet diaper, and a removable inner pad for easy cleaning.
Valentine/ Honeysuckle/ Dogs&Cats/ Hard Rock/ Woof
Valentine/ Honeysuckle/ Dogs&Cats/ Hard Rock/ Woof

If you’re going to be traveling with a pet who never wants to miss a thing, check out IBIYAYA’s transparent hard case carrier. It’s a great way to let your pet be part of the action while still keeping him safe and secure.

IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier picnic fun
It’s finally summer. Your furryfriends deserve a fun picnic and running in the park. Grab an IBIYAYA transparent pet carrier make everything perfect.

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Your Dog can Do More Than You Think


Did you know that pets make great volunteers? All that unconditional love actually makes them perfect for the job, and it also lets the two of you spend more time together. Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know. What kind of volunteer work can we do?

Depending on your dog’s personality and manners, there are a lot of options.

❤ Charity races

5k run/walk
The Canine Classic 5k Run/Walk is for runners, walkers, and dog lovers of all ages.

In larger cities – and some smaller ones, too – there are races almost every weekend, and many of them allow your dog to run with you. If you’ve got a puppy or a senior – or any dog who isn’t quite up to running a 5K – don’t let that stop you. Just get a stroller like this jogger by IBIYAYA, and your pet can participate without getting overly tired.

IBIYAYA pet jogger is the best choice for out jogging with pet.

❤ Donating blood

Injured animals often need transfusions just like injured people do. Your pet has to meet certain health requirements, but if you’re cleared, it only takes about twenty minutes. It’s safe for your fur baby and could save another pet’s life.

❤ Reading buddy

dog Reading buddy

Dogs make great, non-judgmental listeners for kids who are struggling with their reading skills. If you’ve got a couch potato who would love nothing more than curling up for story time, this could be ideal for you.

❤ Therapy animals


Hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and other care facilities all over the country look forward to visits from therapy dogs. And it isn’t just because the dogs put the patients in better moods; there are real physical benefits, too. Interacting with a pet can actually reduce anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure. If your pet is well-mannered and loves attention, this could be the perfect volunteer activity for you.

How do I get started?

Pet Partners Logo  TDI1

You can always check around locally, but most organizations that work with pet therapy teams (pet and pet parent) require them to register, successfully complete a training course, and become certified. Therapy Dogs International and Pet Partners are two of the largest and most well-known organizations that do this. They can help you find a training course in your area and even steer you toward rewarding volunteer opportunities.

What kind of equipment do I need?
All therapy pets need a collar or harness and a leash, and some programs might have additional requirements. If you’re visiting the children’s ward in a hospital, for instance, you might be asked to use a pet carrier like this one from IBIYAYA when you’re walking through the general areas. Volunteering with your pet means making a difference in the lives of people in your community, and spending some quality time together while you’re doing it. Why wait?Find out what opportunities are available in your area today.

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Pets in Warm Weather

animals dogs pets skyscapes hats 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_86

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about warm-weather safety, so I thought I’d address some of them here. So, if you’ve got your stroller and your carrier ready, and you and your pet are ready for some summer fun, here’s what  you need to know.

Can pets get dehydrated?

dog drink water dog dehydrated

Yes! Animals can become dehydrated quickly, so make sure to provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Try not to let your pet drink out of a lake or pool.

Do I need to worry about my pet becoming overheated?

dog overheatAbsolutely! Humans aren’t the only ones who become overheated; animals can, too. In fact, dogs are even more susceptible to heat stroke than humans are. Know the signs so you can keep a careful eye on your pet. Symptoms include heavy panting, difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, drooling, weakness, and lethargy. Later symptoms include seizures, collapse, and bloody vomiting or diarrhea. Pets with snub-nosed faces, like pugs, are even more susceptible because they can’t pant effectively. If your pet is showing signs of being overheated, take him somewhere cool and immediately call your vet.

Does the humidity matter?

IBIYAYA  Ice Cold Pet Cooling Pad
IBIYAYA Pet Cooling Pad

It sure does Dogs cool themselves by panting, which helps stabilize their temperature by removing moisture from the air. If the air is too humid, panting is less effective, and dogs can quickly overheat. A quick way to help them cooling down of their temperature can also try IBIYAYA pet cooling pad.

Can I take my dog swimming?

dog in pool dog happy in pool

Not all dogs are naturally good (or enthusiastic) swimmers. If your dog doesn’t enter the water on his own, introduce him gradually, and stay close by. Never just toss your dog in water to make him start swimming. In addition, practice safe boating by making sure your pet has (and wears) his own flotation device.

How do I know if it’s too hot to leave my pet in the car while I run an errand?

dog in the car

Leaving your pet in the car is never a good idea, and it can be deadly in warm weather. Every year, pets die from being left in a hot vehicle. On an 80-degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 110 degrees within just 10 minutes – even with the windows cracked. Leave your pets at home, or use a carrier or stroller to take them with you.

Can the sidewalk get too hot for my pet?

Fried egg on sidewalk
Fried egg on sidewalk

Yes. During the summer, black asphalt – and even sidewalks – can become blisteringly hot. If a surface is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws, which means it’s time to pull out the pet stroller. If your fur baby does end up with a case of burned pads, ask your vet if it’s OK to apply some aloe vera ointment. Summer is a great time to for you and your pets to bond over some fun outdoor activities, but it’s up to you too look out for their well-being while you do it. Just remember that pets aren’t as good at regulating their body temperature as humans are. If you’re uncomfortably hot, so is your pet.

pug hot
Let’s be cool this summer

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