Ease the Lockdown Blues with Ibiyaya

Hey there, how are you holding up? During the COVID-19 lockdown, your cuddly friends may also miss their furry friends in the neighborhood. Animals are curious beings. Just like you, staying indoors 24/7 may cause them anxiety and restlessness. Given this, a quick stroll outdoors may be called for once in a while.

However, pets tend to go to other pets when they see each other on the street. During a lockdown, that may not be a smart move. While there is still no evidence that pets can spread the coronavirus to people to date, it’s always better to go on the safe side.

At a special time like this, you can get a little help from pet strollers.  You no longer need to worry about getting too close to other people and pets. Here are some activities you can enjoy outside with your fur baby in a stroller granted that you are not on strict lockdown:

  • Explore the outdoors with your senior or sick The Hercules Heavy-duty stroller and Gentle Giant Pet Wagon are perfect for big dogs who no longer have the same physique or energy to run around like they used to. Every paw deserves a breath of fresh air.

Top-of-the-line heavy-duty strollers can help families with aging or injured pets continue on with their daily lives. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Hercules Heavy-duty Pet Stroller)
With products specifically designed for bigger pets, transportation is no longer too much to handle. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Gentle Giant Pet Wagon)
  • Jog with your fur-iend. The Turbo Pet Jogger has air-filled tires, making it the perfect choice for outdoor exercises over terrains of all kinds. Physical fitness is another way to fight the crisis after all.

Pet strollers can help temper you and your fur baby’s cabin fever (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Turbo Pet Jogger in Berry Black)
  • Enjoy a bike ride with your pet. The Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller allows fur parents to hook the pet pram onto their bicycle for all pets who are craving the zoomies. Share the adrenaline rush!

Gone are the days of choosing between enjoying a bike ride or jogging with your fur friend. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller in Red)
  • Take multiple pets out at once. With the Double Decker Pet Bus or the Elegant Retro I, you no longer have to choose which fur baby will get to see the great outdoors. Why let just one tag along when you can bring them all, right?

Go next-level paw parent by bringing all of your fur friends along. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Double-decker Pet Bus in Red Violet)
Heavy-duty doesn’t always mean ginormous and ugly; sometimes, it means looking perfect and adorable in a stylish stroller. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s Elegant Retro I in Apple Green)
  • Take your furry friend along with you, even in public transportation. The 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller offers versatility and comfort in whichever way you choose to travel, offering five awesome ways to carry your adorable best friend. Just be sure to practice social distancing, okay?

Multi-function pet items ensure that you get convenience and a bang for your buck. (In photo: Ibiyaya’s 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier/Stroller)

Ibiyaya is all about letting you enjoy precious time with your pets during the lockdown but it also values your safety. With Ibiyaya, the lockdown can be made even just a tiny bit more enjoyable.

Spring is coming, take your kittens out for a warm fresh breeze

Meowow! Now we are talking!

Spring is coming, and we all love to go out and enjoy the amazing weather and so do animals especially kittens. But taking them out and looking after them may be very hard sometimes. Most people went for a spring break but they have to leave their cats in the house. This may be heart-breaking to some people who love their pets to death, but they can’t also take them because of mostly one reason that is ‘how would we carry our cats’ because you just can’t hold them all the time.

Yearning for fresh breeze.                                                      Photo by: Thinkstock

112 (63) (1) (1) (1)
Take me with ya!

If you are planning on going out for the spring break or even if you want to take your cat to the park or to the mall, or if it is the first time you consider taking your fur friend out? You should carry a pet carrier with you. It will be a lot easier for you to take your cats and kittens with you anywhere you go without leaving them in the house. Available at Amazon.



Ibiyaya Pet Carrier Safari.

FS1220 Quantity GIFOur company ‘Ibiyaya’ launched the best carriers for your cats and kittens. It has fashionable and fun printings. It is made with the EVA material passed stress-crack resistance and water proof tests. Ibiyaya pet carrier can lift up to 6kgs/13.2lbs, which is perfect for the people who love to take their cats out with them. Another amazing advantage of this bag is when you fold it up, it saves storage space! It has top and side ventilation so your cat won’t feel suffocated, ever! It has visibility little circles where you can see your cat from outside. Ibiyaya EVA carrier also comes in transparent design, it is made of supremely strong plastic that is a commonly used material for luggage. Ibiyaya transparent carrier has even been stepped on the material to test the material resistance, it simply wouldn’t break.   All of Ibiyaya carriers come with a pad for diaper attach. There are so many qualities in just one carrier bag. Available at Amazon.


Seeking for interaction? The IBIYAYA transparent carrier is for you.


Ibiyaya is the first brand that invented this EVA hard-shell carrier design, not only the unique design itself, the quality has been assured always using virgin material so it does not cause breakage, material instability and also hardness of the material.  Ibiyaya has made sure the four legged friend will always be happy rolling inside the carrier without worrying about the safety of the eco-friendly material.



Visit our website for more details, or drop us an email at export@ibiyaya.com.




Ibiyaya Desktop Wallpaper

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016.

Ibiyaya thanks your support in last year. To celebrate the new year, Ibiyaya would like to share the latest HD wallpaper with you. 

Special thanks to our partners and fans’ continuous trust and long time support.

Ibiyaya welcomes you to download the wallpapers.

Cheers 2016. 

                       Ibiyaya team.


Ibiyaya Desktop Wallpaper.

HD resolutions:  1920X1080


  1. Click on the image.
  2. Another window will pop up.
  3. Wait for image to load.
  4. Right click to save the wallpaper!


Gourd Pet House FB1412



Pet Carrier Safari FC1206



Transparent Hardcase Carrier




The Best Winter Gifts Are The Warmest

1506 FB

The Necessities Bag – Marshmallow Puffy Pet Carrier

As the winter comes, I found it is essential to have a spacious bag that not only could fill with all my belongings and my fur baby, but also keep my baby toasty warm.

OJ combo

(My pouch + Pet carrier) = Ibiyaya Marshmellow Puffy Pet Carrier


You know what’s so good about this puffy tote? This bag fulfills my baby and my needs simultaneously; I could finally stop carrying an extra pouch!! It comes with a large separate functional compartment which designed for my personal belongings, and of course the roomy space for my fur kid.

A bag that can filled with all my essentials is my best friend.

Ahem, and tell you a secret, I also use it as my gym bag. How so? First of all, it doesn’t look like a pet bag at all! Secondly, NO More Saggy Bag; the mat on the bottom supports the shape, I can throw my sneakers in without worries. Moreover, no one would notice the difference except me. And I love to take advantage of that!


Go Shopping with my fur kid.

Check out how many stuffs can fit in this perfect sized tote. Have enough of the black? try the polka-dots-never-dies Grey and Pink chic version. Trust me, this bag won’t fail your expectation.


Grab it while you still can!

Email: pet@ibiyaya.com to find out the availability in your country.

Perfect holiday idea for your pet pals.


The holiday season is just around the corner and everyone’s loading up on the gifts and presents that will be given to loved ones. Friends and families will be on the receiving end of thoughtful pressies and loads of love. But HOLD ON?! Did you just forget one of the most important part of your family? Did you just not get anything for the one entity that has been with you through thick and thin?! DID you forget a present for you beloved pet?! Make it up to your pet this season and get him/her the CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller. Perfect for your beloved munchkin, this stroller is the Trendy, Detachable Ride for Your Pet.

Ibiyaya Cleo travel System Pet Stroller


It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stroll in the park or ride back home, with the CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller your pet would feel like a true BOSS! Get it exclusively for your pet or fit your other babies as well, this trendy ride is spacious and can fit multiple small munchkins and one medium sized one as well. It isn’t just an average stroller that is devoid of any style or function, but has been made with great care to make sure that your pet rolls around in style. Perfect for the winter season, the stroller has been made with denim (Classy eh?), is super-duper comfortable so your pet feels like he/she is sitting on cloud 9 (trust us, we would love to fit in it as well!) and is ergonomically made. But that’s not all, it can act as a stroller and as a car seat as well! (Talk about multi-tasking). Trust us, your beloved munchkin would be running around in happiness upon seeing what his/her owner got him/her!

Exceptionally smooth and swift, this stroller is known to make everybody turn and twist and just gasp at the adorableness of your pet (and the stroller as well). Just imagine this, you’re walking in your best dress with this stroller and enjoying the weather. You see gasps and loads of ‘AWWWS’ coming in from the side, you twist and see people gushing over your cute pet and have their cameras out, snapping pictures. Feel like a celebrity?

My new Rollerblade!

There are a number of options for you to choose from (or just drool). The stroller has been made to ensure that your loved pet is both comfortable and is happy. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your beloved pet. Made with high quality material that can survive any wear and tear. You can easily clean it and even take it on a stroll when it’s pouring (it’s water repellent). It is both economic (not far from your budget) and is reliable.

What are you waiting for? Go out and get the best present for your beloved!

1Take me home!

  • Contact pet@ibiyaya.com to find out the availability in your country.

Chez-Moi: My Ibiyaya Little Arena – by Ted, the charming cat.

Hello there. Welcome to my humble abode! My name is Ted, I’m glad you could make it over here for a visit. Would you like a tour?

Chez-Moi! This is my resting dome! - made by Ibiyaya
Chez-Moi! This is my resting dome! – made by Ibiyaya

Let’s start on the outside. First things first, my Little Arena is sky blue because it reminds me of a clear sky or a swimming tasty fish in the ocean. Some of my friends have the classic red or the apple green, but I think the sky blue really suits my nature-loving personality. My home comes in two pieces that are connected by a zipper, which sometimes I like to swat or play with, but it’s very sturdy and can hold up to my rambunctious moments.

My Friend lady Gucci finds it cozy.
My Friend lady Gucci finds it cozy.

Now that you’ve seen the outside, let’s step inside. You may notice that it’s a little small (52X52X30 cm), but I’m a small cat, so I like it that way. It makes me feel nice and secure. My favorite part of my little home is the premium high loft polyester-filled cozy cushion. I can walk right in, scratch and nuzzle around the cushion until I find the perfect spot, and then plop down for as many cat naps as I want, which is a lot.

Lady Gucci UFO spacecraft.
Lady Gucci UFO spacecraft.

I also like the UFO design ventilation holes at the back of my home because they give me some extra light when I need it and sometimes even make fun patterns on my bed. And who doesn’t like pretending they’ve found a spaceship every once in awhile?

So you know my favorite parts of home home, but want to know what my humans love about it? They love that it’s easy to store and move around either within their home or when we go out for an adventure (that’s my favorite option). It’s really lightweight, so all they have to do is unzip the outside around the middle, and ta-da! It’s ready to go. Even though it’s so easy to move, it is a hard case so it stays firm and doesn’t collapse, which helps prevent it from getting bent or broken.

Look at the delicate design!
Look at the delicate design!

They also like that it passed the Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR) and waterproof tests and that it has a non-slip bottom. I don’t like this feature as much because it means I can’t push my home all around when I’m playing, but I guess it makes it nice when I’m dozing off and the kids are running around. Because it passed these tests, it means my humans can help me clean it with a neutral detergent and a damp cloth without it being damaged. And they can use hair removal tools to keep everything nice and tidy. All of this means I get to keep my home longer, which I’m grateful for.

I enjoy the rubbing -loving moment with my human
I enjoy the rubbing -loving moment with my human

Now that you’ve seen how lovely my home is, are you ready to get one for your furry feline? Just like me, he or she is sure to love having your own space and a comfy, cozy, cuddly bed to curl up in. And, of course, all cats need a special place to take our cat naps three, four, or ten times a day. Thank you Ibiyaya for the great design.

– Ted, the charming cat.

Ibiyaya Fun Road Trip

Photo credit by: anonymous.

Do you love hopping in the car, rolling down the windows, cranking some tunes, and heading out for an adventure? The open road is calling your name, and there’s no better time for a fun road trip with your family. And while you may want to be spontaneous, there are a few must-have items you need to pack before driving off into the sunset.


music2It’s just not a road trip if you don’t have great music to sing along to. But, if you and your family have different tastes, who controls the music can quickly become a nightmare. Before heading out, let every member of the family, including Fido, pick a few of their favorite songs and add it to a playlist. Then, download it to your phone, or if you want to go old school, burn it to a CD or mixtape. This way you don’t have to worry about Fido howling in the back seat or your kids complaining they don’t like your music choices.


A must have - woof treats!
A must have – woof treats!

Almost as important as music, you must have a good selection of snacks. Be sure to stock up on crackers and a low-sugar, fizzy drink if anyone in the family gets car sick to help settle their stomachs. Again, just like the music, make sure everyone has at least one of their favorite snacks so there’s no arguing over who gets the bag of chips and who has to eat the apple.

And don’t forget Fido’s snacks! Just like you, Fido gets hungry from the excitement of a road trip and wants to have fun with the rest of the family. Be sure to pack plenty of treats and chew toys to keep Fido occupied and happy during a long car trip.

Safety Equipment

It is good to have than without.
It is good to have than without.

Although no one likes to think about it, you need to be prepared in case you get in an accident or your car breaks down. Be sure to have plenty of food and water for everyone in the car (the water can serve double duty as a coolant if your car overheats). You also should have a first aid kit, road flares, a map, a car jack, and a spare tire. Many of these items will help you repair your car enough to be able to drive to a mechanic or somewhere safe where you can get help.

For Fido, be sure to practice basic car safety. In the case of an accident, you don’t want your dog to get hurt or hurt anyone else because he isn’t strapped in.

Recommended Ibiyaya Road Trip Stars.
Recommended Ibiyaya Road Trip Stars.

Even though it looks fun, instead of letting him hang his head out the window, let Fido travel at your feet or in the seat next to you in Ibiyaya’s Collapsible Shoulder Carrier or  the EVA Pet Carrier. Both are a compact size that is perfect for traveling, and they have plenty of ventilation and cushion to keep Fido comfy during the trip. They both have top panels, so Fido can stick his head out and give you a kiss or be petted while you drive. And this way, you don’t have to worry about him getting hurt or jumping out of the car when it’s time for a bathroom break.

Pick one Ibiyaya star carrier and let it join your road trip!


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” There are something I want to say about Ibiyaya Transparent Hardcase Carrier” – Raymond the handsome Dachshund

I am Raymond.
I am Raymond.

Have you ever been on a trip with your humans, and you just can’t see what’s happening? Do you hate traveling in a carrier where everything is dark, black, and scary? Do you wish you could just poke your head out and give your human a soft nuzzle to feel better? I know I’ve felt this way. But I’m no longer scared of the car or traveling with my human, thanks to Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carriers.

What Is Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carrier?

The Ibiyaya Transparent Hardcase Carrier is the perfect carrier for small dogs (like me!). The carrier can hold up to 6 kilograms and is 46 by 30 centimeters, so you big dogs are out of luck (ha ha!). It is see-through so we can see the world around us as we’re traveling with our humans, and it has a bunch of different designs that are fun to look at while in the car or on the move. It has aeration holes on one side and a mesh entrance or exit on the other side, so I never have to worry about it getting stuffy. And it has a removable mat on the bottom that is diaper-friendly, just in case your human is into that.

“Hmm, Hard to choose….(paused 5 secs) OKAY! I choose the one on the right, which one do you like?” – Raymond

What Are My Favorite Features?

...Where is everybody?
…Where is everybody?

My favorite features are all the ones that let me look around while out and about with my human. I love that the carrier is transparent because I hated being in a dark, enclosed space in my old carrier. But since I can see everything, I don’t feel trapped but rather free as a bird.

I also love the top and side panels that unzip and give me more freedom to move around. When my human and I go to the local restaurant, she can unzip the top and give me a nice pat on the head or I can give her a wet kiss. The side panel gives me easy access to get in and out without any fuss. This definitely cuts down on precious packing time when my human is running late.

Meowlicious! Even kittens love this transparent carrier!
Meowlicious! Even kittens love it.

What Are My Human’s Favorite Features?

My human loves how light and compact my carrier is. It only weighs 1.1 kilograms (and I try to keep my figure slim). It’s also detachable, collapsible, and folds easily, which my human loves for storing it in the closet when we’re not traveling. She also loves the padded shoulder strap and adorable designs.

“I have to admit, the collapsible design is pretty cool” – Raymond

Even more than its slim form, my human loves how easy my carrier is to clean. Even though I don’t make much of a mess (I’m a good dog like that), my human likes being able to remove the pads and mats and wipe it down with a damp cloth. This means she can spend less time cleaning and more time playing with me, which I love, too.

I love seeing the world around me!!!

“My Madam and I love to go out together with Ibiyaya transparent carrier” – Raymond

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Ibiyaya Autumn Safety Equipment

The summer heat is slowly fading into beautiful, crisp fall weather. Now is the perfect time to head outside when the warm, humid days are behind you and cold winter nights haven’t quite arrived. Autumn is the perfect season to be outdoors with your family and pets.

Take a walk in the woods
Take a walk in the woods

But autumn comes with some unique safety hazards. Between the shorter daylight hours, falling leaves, rain, and fog, you need to be prepared before heading outside. Here are just a few safety tips for you and your pet:

Prepare for Shorter Days

Along with the cooler weather comes shorter days during the fall. When you’re used to long summer nights, it’s easy to be surprised by how quickly it gets dark. You don’t want to be out on an after-dinner walk and get caught in the dark without any safety equipment. If you’re headed out with your pup, we recommend using the Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Trailer/Stroller (FS980). This stroller is easy to push or attach to your bike, and it has reflective strips and plates so drivers and other bikers and joggers can see you and your pup.

Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Stroller (FS980)has round reflective plate and stripes.
Ibiyaya Bicycle Pet Stroller (FS980)has round reflective plate and stripes.

You also should attach a light to your bike and wear a reflective vest, or at least light colors. Be sure to put a light on your dog’s collar so that he or she can be seen if he or she happens to get away from you. It’s also a good idea to carry a flashlight and a first aid kit. These can be easily stored in the large pocket at the back or storage basket of the stroller.

Useful tools
Useful tools

Be Ready for Stormy Weather

Depending on where you live, fall can often bring chilly and stormy weather. Just like when you’re headed out at night, you need to be prepared with the right equipment. Before heading out on a walk, jog, or bike ride, be sure to pack an umbrella, rain jacket, and flashlight. Wear tennis shoes with good traction so you don’t slip, and bring a long-sleeved shirt in case it gets cold.

For your pup, make sure you can keep him or her warm and dry. While the stroller/trailer mentioned above is still a great option, you might want to consider the Ibiyaya Turbo Pet Jogger (FS801)when going for a run. Its rear wheel brakes and 360 degree swivel front wheels are easy to maneuver and have enough traction that you don’t have to worry about it sliding on wet cement or grass. It also has a roomy interior, so your pup can go inside and stay warm and dry. This pet jogger also has a one-click button folding mechanism, so you can quickly get it packed in the car without getting wet during a storm.

Turbo Pet Jogger with air filled tires and reflective stripes.
Turbo Pet Jogger with air filled tires and reflective stripes.

If you and your pup aren’t outdoorsy but still love to go out and about while the weather is nice, the EVA Pet Carrier is the right tool for you. You can easily take your dog along on your vacation, business trip, or simply out to dinner at a local dog-friendly restaurant. This carrier is a 5-in-1 combo so you can use it as a shoulder carrier, backpack, travel cart or pet car seat. This is a much safer way for you to take your dog with you without all the hassle of a crate or traditional carrier.

Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Combo Carrier. Comes with safety reflective stripes.
Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Combo Carrier. Comes with safety reflective stripes.

Ibiyaya cares about your Autumn outdoor safety; running with your dog, taking a walk in the autumn woods, or going on a field trip. Your needs, we heard it.

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Must-Have Tools for Well-Groomed Pets

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes – and coats. Short-haired dogs are a lot like little boys with buzz cuts: Just wipe them off with a wet washcloth, and they’re good to go. But anything beyond that basic smooth coat takes a little bit more care, and it starts with having the right tools. Here’s what you need to know:

Grooming tools set – credited by Pet Education.

  • Bristle brushes: Bristle brushes, with their natural or synthetic bristles, look just like human brushes. They’re best for short-haired or smooth-coated dogs.
  • Pin brushes: These brushes look a lot like human brushes, too, but the “bristles” are actually little plastic or metal pins. Some of them even have tiny balls on the end of each pin to protect your dog’s skin. While these brushes aren’t very good at untangling knots and removing mats, they’re great for general grooming and do a fantastic job of smoothing the coats of long-haired and double-coated dogs.
  • Pet Slicker Brush
    Pet Slicker Brush

    Slicker brushes: Like pin brushes, slicker brushes are made with pins, most of which have the same little balls on the end. But these pins are curved and are usually packed more tightly. They’re intended to work through long, thick, or curly hair and to reach down to the skin. You can also use them on short-haired dogs, as long as you’re careful not to scratch the skin.

  • Detangling combs: These combs do just what the name says: They help remove mats and tangles. For severely matted hair, you can even get a comb that includes a series of blades that will cut right through mats.
  • I am groomed!
    I am groomed!

    Shedding tools: Most dogs shed some, but some shed a lot, up to and including “blowing” their coat once or twice a year. Shedding tools can speed up the process and get the loose hair where you want it – in one pile on the floor – instead of spread all over your carpets, clothes, and furniture. A stripping blade, for instance, is designed to extract a loose undercoat, leaving the outer coat intact. Shedding blades, on the other hand, do just the opposite: They remove the outer coat while leaving the undercoat in place. The right one depends on the breed of your dog and the way in which they shed.

  • Do I need to brush my teeth? - picture credited by Linderman Animal Hospital.
    Do I need to brush my teeth? – picture credited by Linderman Animal Hospital.

    Oral care tools: A lot of pet parents never think about their pet’s teeth, even when they get a whiff of doggy breath! But dogs’ teeth need cleaning just like ours do (although, fortunately, not as often), because dirty teeth can lead to infection. The best strategy is prevention, brushing your dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush (most fit over the end of a finger) and toothpaste. If your dog objects, you might have more luck doing it while he’s in a stroller or carrier, secured with the leash attachment. If your dog’s teeth are severely caked with plaque, your dentist can take care of it for you, although your dog will need to be sedated or put under general anesthesia. Some dog treats and toys are also advertised as dental aids and can help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

credited by softbroker.
credited by softbroker.

Whether you’ve got a smooth-coated rat terrier or a poodle with a show cut, there are tools designed just for your dog’s grooming needs. Help your dog stay happy, healthy, and gorgeous with regular care and grooming.

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